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When you have your parts installed through our preferred shop, not only do you get an installation that’s done right from start to finish by our highly skilled mechanics, but we will also warrant your installation with us! To go beyond expectations we will also upgrade your warranty with our parts from 1 month to 6 months and extra protection against any manufacturing or installation defects.^

Our highly trained friends at Workshop are also available to help provide you with other services such as oil change, tire change, wheel alignment, rust proofing, and much more! Upgrade your vehicle, not just your brakes!
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Garage Services
Air & Cabin Filter
Remove and inspect Filter. Air blow clean the filter or recommend replacement.
Test battery crank amp and load test. Remove corrosion and clean the battery terminal.
Check engine light diagnostic
Replace Engine Oil and Filter Change | Drain Engine oil and remove engine oil filter. Replace new Engine Oil and Filter. Check engine oil level and leak.
Oil change
Drain Engine oil and remove engine oil filter. Replace new Engine Oil and Filter. Check engine oil level and leak.
Steering / Suspension
Inspect power steering fluid level, belts, hose, and leaks. Test steering system, for abnormal play, hard steering, and noise. Inspect loose components, damages, leaks, abnormal noise, and test drive vehicles.
Brake service & repair
Brake Kits and Installation Service | Replace Front or Rear Brake Pads, Rotors, Shim Kit, and brake pad supporting plate, remove and clean up caliper bracket, lubricate sliding Pin and Torque Plate. Top up brake fluid.
Inspect for damages, leaks, holes, rattle, loose related components (heat shield, hangers, etc)
Paint Protection Film
Clean and install paint protection film on panel.
Tire on Rim | Remove tires and Wheels off the vehicle, then install assigned mounted set tires and wheels. Tire off Rim | Remove tires and Wheels off the vehicle. Unmount each tire of wheels. Mount and Balance each assigned tires to each wheel. Install mounted tires and wheel on vehicle.
Engine Oil and Filter Service
Drain Engine oil and remove engine oil filter. Replace new Engine Oil and Filter. Check engine oil level and leak .
Vehicle Service Inspection
Inspect air filter, a/c filter, Fluids level, tires pressure and wear, front and rear brake system, suspension component, exhaust system, vehicle underbody, Steering System, lights, and powertrain system.
Brake Caliper Painting
Remove brake caliper and refinish to color of choice. Inspect brake pad and rotors after installation.
Rust Proofing Service
Dry vehicle off, apply rust proofing spray to undercarriage and sub frame, strut towers, rocker panel, radiator supports, pillars, firewall, and rear end panel. (where it is accessible)
Dash Cam Installation
Install Camera on the windshield and hide wiring where it is applicable.
Brake Fluid Replacement
Remove old and contaminated fluid from the master cylinder reservoir. Clean the reservoir. Add new brake fluid into the reservoir to the full line.
^Warranty: Excludes cracking warranty which is 1 year. All other warranties within the purchase, will be upgraded to a 6 month period from the date of installation. Warranty may not be extended if the warranty/return period for the original purchase order has expired.